1Frequently Asked Questions for Doctors:
Product Information
What is Telehealth?

Remote medical consultation, diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology. Telehealth allows real-time patient consultation anywhere and anytime.

What is Electronic Health Record (EHR)?

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a digital version of a patient's paper chart. EHRs are real-time, patient-centric records that make information available instantly and securely to authorized users.

As a Doctor, you can see the EHR of your patient which serves as an added tool to help you know the medical history of your patient to help your medical diagnosis.

I have questions regarding Telehealth, who should I contact?

For support: support@ehealthcareinc.com / 09178036457

For payment and billing concerns: acctg@ehealthcareinc.com / 09175314559

For sales: sales@ehealthcareinc.com / 09178480857

Account Registration
How do I create an account in Telehealth?

Go to https://telehealth.ehealthcareinc.com/ and select “Create Free Account”.
You will be asked if you have a Vsee Messenger.

VSee Messenger is a third-party app integrated in our system which will be used as a medium for Doctor and Patient to do a virtual consultation.
Just follow the instructions by downloading and installing VSee Messenger to your Desktop or Mobile.
Download and installing VSee Messenger is only required to be done once.

NOTE: Do not create an account with VSee Messenger, once installed go back to telehealth login page.

After installing VSee Messenger, go back to Telehealth site and Proceed to Login.
Click “Doctor” as the Type of Account.
Complete your registration. You will need to input your professional information and make sure you have your PRC ID as this is required information upon sign up.
Contract will be sent via email upon sign up as well as the instructions on where to submit the contract.

Is there a fixed Professional fee that I can put on my account?

There is no minimum or maximum Professional fee that you can use. Feel free to input your desired Professional fee.

Can I have multiple accounts in Telehealth?

No, the system will only accept a Doctor account once based on the PRC ID presented. For account related concerns such as forgot password, credentials. You may reach our support hotline at 09178036457 or email at support@ehealthcareinc.com.

How can I edit my account?

To edit your Account Information and Personal Information, Go to your profile and click Edit Profile. Make sure to click Save Account.
To edit your Preferred Schedule:

1. Go to Telehealth Account > Telehealth > Doctor Schedules
2. Click your desired date of schedule and set your available time. You have an option to choose whether you want to repeat it Once, Weekly and Monthly. You may also chose to Customize your schedule just click Custom.
3. Once done click Save Schedule.

How can I edit my Telehealth Consultation Fee?

You can edit your Telehealth Consultation Fee by going to your Profile and click Edit Profile. Under Account Information edit your consultation fee.

How can I put my electronic signature in my profile for it to reflect in my issued electronic prescriptions?

You may send a copy of your electronic signature at support@ehealthcarein.com or sales@ehealthcareinc.com . Kindly use this format as the email subject for traceability purposes. Fullname_Electronic Signature.

I forgot my password, how can I access my Telehealth account?

At your Telehealth login page, click “Forgot password”. You will be asked to enter your username.

If you also forgot your username, you can try logging in using your mobile number. Just click “Login with SMS”

Telehealth Consultation
How can I accept consultations?

Login to your Telehealth Account.

If you are using different device, please make sure you have VSee Messenger installed into the device you are currently using.

Once login, Run VSee Messenger application by clicking the VSee logo on your Telehealth account. This is to allow patients to enter your VSee room during consultation.

VSee Messenger will open and once done, go back to Telehealth but do not close VSee Messenger. You can minimize the window for convenience.

A dialogue box will appear on your screen once there is a patient booking a consultation. Click “Accept” button to accept consultation request.

Wait for the Patient to finish the payment process. Note: Do not close VSee Messenger and Telehealth.

Once you are already connected with the patient thru VSee Messenger. Go back to Telehealth login page. You will see “Telehealth Consultation” page of your patient.

What to do if I got disconnected from VSee in the middle of a Telehealth Consultation?

Don’t worry, you can still return to the consultation. Just go to your Telehealth account and click “Re-connect” button

What is Telehealth Consultation Page?

This is where you will input your diagnosis and prescription to your patients.

Make sure to always click “Save Record” after filling out all the necessary information.

Can I see my previously issued prescription and Telehealth records of my patients?

Yes. You have 2 ways to access this, please refer to the following:

If you want to see it during consultation, go to Telehealth Consultation Page > View eRx History or eLabRx History (blue buttons)

If you just want to check records, from your Telehealth go to Home > Click History > Click the Patient Name. You will be redirected to Patient’s profile and you will see the Telehealth Consultation Summary of your patient.

Can I issue Medical Certificate to my patients?

Yes, you can create a Medical certificate for your patients while doing the consultation.

It is included in the Telehealth Consultation Page.

After I am done with one patient, how can I accept another patient?

From Telehealth page click the Home button and wait for another patient to book a consultation.

Where can I see all my existing Patients?

Yes, just click the “Home” button and click “History”.
You may also search the name of your patient at the search bar.

Can I invite my existing patients to Telehealth and How?

Yes, you just have to send them this link: https://telehealth.ehealthcareinc.com/ and ask them to create an account in Telehealth as patient. It will not take them 15 minutes to create an account.

Payment Information
How can I receive my Professional Fees?

eHealthcare Inc., partners with Xendit Philippines – a BSP Registered Operator of Payment System in providing a faster and secured payment system for your virtual consultations.

Each registered Doctor will receive a separate contract with Xendit Philippines upon sign-up to Telehealth. The Doctor will nominate a bank account and this is where the Professional fees will be automatically deposited.

How can I create an account with Xendit Philippines?

After you sign a contract with Xendit, you will be invited to create an account in Xendit Philippines as a sub-account of eHealthcare. This is where you will see your payment transactions, deposits and balances.

You may refer to this instructional guide to create an account with Xendit.
Xendit Account Creation Guide

After you create an account, wait for Telehealth Sales to contact you once your account is ready to use. It will take 7 to 10 days, depending on the approval of banks and e-walllets companies.

Make sure to remember your credentials to your Xendit account.

How can I activate payment methods to my Xendit account?

Due to different requirements of banks and e-wallets some payment methods are not automatically activated and are needed to be activated manually. Please refer to below instruction.

1. First, login to your Xendit account via https://dashboard.xendit.co/

2. Then go to “Add Payment Methods” button at the Navigation bars at the left side of your dashboard.

3. Please refer to below instructions per payment method:
Direct Debits – not applicable
Over-the-Counter – this is automatically activated.
GrabPay and Paymaya – this is automatically activated.
Gcash – just click the activate button and fill out the necessary information. It will be activated within 5 working days.
Business Name : Your Name / Clinic’s Name
Business Sector : Medical Practioner

Cards – just click the activate button and fill out the necessary information.

Under Business Details:
Business Category: Medical Services & Health Practitioners
If the questions are not applicable to you, just click No. Under Incorporator Details
Primary ID – Your ID, it can be your PRC ID
The details of Incorporator 1 can be your details since you are the account owner.
Once completed click submit and wait for 10 days to activate.

NOTE: If you have questions regarding activation of payment methods you can send an email to acctg@ehealthcareinc.com or contact support hotline at 09178036457

What payment options are available for my patients?

The following payment options are available:

1. Local and International Cards (VISA, Mastercard)
2. E-Wallets (Gcash, Paymaya and GrabPay)
3. Over-the-Counter (Cebuana and 7-Eleven)

Do I need to enroll my card and e-wallet accounts to Xendit for me to accept payments?

No, all payments will go only to your nominated Bank account in the contract you signed with Xendit Philippines.

Where can I see my payment transactions?

All payment transactions can be accessed thru your Xendit account that is why it is important to remember your Xendit credentials. To see your payment transactions,

Follow the steps below:
1. First, login to your Xendit account via https://dashboard.xendit.co/
2. Then go to the Navigation bars at the left side of your dashboard and click “Transactions”. You can choose what date you want to check.
3. If you want to export your file into excel or csv file, just click Export and the report will be sent to your email.

Where can I see my available balance?

To see your Available Balance, follow the steps below:
1. First, login to your Xendit account via https://dashboard.xendit.co/
2. Then go to the Navigation bars at the left side of your dashboard and click “Balance”. You can choose what date you want to check.
3. If you want to export your file into excel or csv file, just click Export and the report will be sent to your email.

When will my available balance go to my nominated bank account? And How?

Our payment gateway –Xendit Philippines automatically deposit all your available balance every nearest Wednesday every week.

My Patient successfully pays but why is it not included in my available balance?

There are different settlement times per payment method. Settlement time refers to the lead time on how long the payment will be processed by the bank or e-wallet companies. After the settlement time, the payment will be then transferred to your available balance waiting for disbursement on the nearest Wednesday.

For different settlement time, please refer below:
Credit/Debit – Transaction date + 7 Calendar days
E-wallets and OTCs - Transaction date + 2 Business days

What if my patient requests for a refund, what is your refund process?

When a patient requests for a refund, it can also be done inside the Xendit dashboard but refund can only be initiated by the Doctor if the Doctor approves of the refund.

Pls contact acctg@ehealthcarein.com or support@ehealthcareinc.com if there are refund requests.

Can I still change my nominated bank account? And How?

To change your nominated bank account, follow the steps below:
1. First, login to your Xendit account via https://dashboard.xendit.co/
2. Then go to the Navigation bars at the left side of your dashboard and click “Settings”.
3. Add bank account you want to nominate.

Question: What if my patient requests for an Official Receipt (OR)?

When a patient requests for an Official Receipt (OR), the OR must come from the Doctor since the one who receives the full amount payment is the Doctor, not eHealthcare. The reason why 85% was received by the Doctor is due to 15% paid by Doctor to eHealthcare as telehealth fee for the usage of the platform.